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NexPay joins BELTA

Updated: May 21, 2021

We, at NexPay, are excited to have joined the Brazilian Educational and Language Travel Association, better known as Belta.

Founded in 1992, Belta unites major Brazilian institutions that work in international internships and exchanges.

Members of Belta adhere to a high ethical code of human dignity, respect for all people, integrity, sustainability, transparency, impersonality, legality, and professionalism.

“Belta is a highly respected association whose core values are perfectly aligned with the high-standards our clients have come to expect from NexPay,” said Piew Yap, NexPay CEO. “We are honored to join Belta and the many other quality organizations in the association.”

To learn more about what NexPay has to offer in Brazil, contact Camila Tanus, Brazil Country Manager, at


A Belta – Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association – reúne as principais instituições brasileiras que trabalham com intercâmbio, ou seja, programas de aprendizagem e vivências para fins de qualificação, ampliação de conhecimento e de desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional no exterior. Fundada em 1º de julho de 1992, a Belta é uma associação reconhecida tanto no Brasil como no exterior. Atualmente suas associadas representam mais de 75% do mercado de educação internacional.

Nosso objetivo com o consumidor

• Orientar estudantes e profissionais sobre as melhores alternativas de cursos no exterior, intercâmbio e formação internacional; • Controlar a qualidade de serviços prestados pelas Agências Selo Belta.


NexPay Pty Ltd is an expert global education payment company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices around the world. NexPay provides secure, simple, and speedy international education payment options that save students, agents, and institutions time and money.

With NexPay, clients can create and receive international payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the online portal.

Payments are generated in the user’s local currency and quickly arrive to the agent or institution fully reconciled with no surprise fees or shortage due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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