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NexPay - NexGen Workplace Culture

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

NexPay Pty Ltd is an Australian-based global payments company that has created a name for itself in the international education industry for its next-generation payments systems and people-first customer service. While the company is headquartered in Australia, NexPay's people are positioned all around the globe.

So how does the organization continue to evolve and grow when its people are so widely geographically dispersed?

The answer is simple for NexPay - "people first."

While many companies struggled at the beginning of the pandemic to monitor employees' hours and create a work-from-home infrastructure, NexPay's virtual office changed very little. NexPay's employees and contractors (collectively referred to as "NexPay people") live in a wide range of different time zones and many different countries around the world.

"It just makes sense for the modern era," explained NexPay CEO Piew Yap. "The old way of thinking is that employees need to show up to a brick and mortar building, clock in, put in their hours, clock out, go home, and then wake up the next day and do it all again. We're a global payments company, so that never made sense for us if we wanted to keep moving forward."

Carolina Cardoso, Regional Manager of U.K. and Europe, credits this company culture for how the organization can create the newest payment solutions for their clients and why she loves working for the company.

"I adore my colleagues and clients," she explained. "I like that I can get my job done from my home office and that I get to work on a mission I am passionate about. I have a great balance in my life.

Allowing people to work from home and towards a goal rather than on the clock creates loyalty to the company and camaraderie more akin to family than coworkers.

Cardoso is based in Germany but takes regular meetings with her counterparts in Australia (an 8-hour time difference) and Brazil (a 7-hour time difference). "I don't mind taking meetings at night," said Cardoso. "It's no big deal because I can share my day between work, family, and taking care of myself. I understand the company vision and have the freedom to create the path to make it a reality."

Likewise, Maria del Pilar Bonilla, Country Manager - Colombia and Mexico, left a job in hospitality to join NexPay working from home. "I feel heard," she explained. "When I talk to my clients and learn what they need, I can bring it to the team. My ideas are seriously considered and often implemented. It's a very collaborative environment."

That openness and collaboration has allowed NexPay to corner a significant part of the international education payments market and continuously adapt to their clients' unique needs. Embracing technologies like video conferencing make geographical barriers simply fall away.

"I have only met a few of my colleagues face-to-face, but we all feel like family," said Camilla Tanus Alves, title. "We're used to seeing each other on the computer screen, and it's just like sitting down together in a physical office. We've met each other's families, pets, and friends over the computer screen. I can't imagine working any other way."

One U.S. study found that nearly 30 per cent of Americans who began working from home during the pandemic say they would quit their job if they could not continue working remotely. It seems many workers discovered what NexPay people already know - that working from home offices does not have to mean decreased efficiency but does create a better lifestyle for workers.

"We know that people are our most valuable commodity and that their time is their most valuable commodity," said Yap. "Our people are dedicated to allowing students to live their dream of studying abroad and making it economical for agents and institutions to provide that service. As long as we have the right people, it doesn't matter if they work in a cubicle or on the beach. We will keep developing the next generation of payment solutions."

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