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Have you met Bea?

NexPay's Client Success Manager Beatriz Prieto Rosselló is the primary point of contact for agents, institutions and providers based in Australia or New Zealand.

Bea loves working with both Spanish- and English-speaking clients. Her past as a lawyer in her native Spain enables her to work diligently in ensuring our client's payments are processed as per regulatory and compliance procedures so that the funds arrive safely and at the shortest time possible.

“As client success manager, I enjoy ensuring that things run smoothly," explained Bea. "I love every day of my work because every single day is different. I also help other people to achieve what I did: to live an international experience in a foreign country, to study abroad!”

Her passion for studying in Australia and travelling the world is what brought her to NexPay, where she provides this invaluable help and support to our clients.

Contact Bea at or find her on LinkedIn!

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