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NexPay welcomes Clara Carballo to the team

As NexPay's Sales and Support Specialist for Latin America, Clara Carballo serves as the communication intermediary between clients and the operations teams. Clara provides support for all types of requests from NexPay's Latin American clients.

"Helping students to achieve their professional goals during the study abroad process has been very gratifying to me," Clara explained. "I really enjoy solving our customers' concerns and interacting with them."

Clara grew up and was educated in Mexico. She has been working in the international education industry for four years before joining NexPay last month.

"I really enjoy the fresh and friendly environment that my work team generates. All my colleagues are warm and always willing to help," she said. "I love being a part of a great company with a presence in so many countries and with such a positive impact in this industry."

Outside of her professional life, Clara lends her creativity out to her friends who constantly seek out her advice for everything from interior design to fashion. Clara is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Scrabble." Music and travel are her greatest passions.

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